Gathering of Eagles Slide Presentations 2008 (PDF)


35W Bridge Collapse Marc Conterato MD
A Golden Era:  How a Dollmaker Helped to Save Thousands of Lives Special Presentation and Tribute

The Morbidity of Mortality: Handling Death in the Field

Brent Meyers, MD
Critics of Thrombolytics: Is Prehospital Clot-Busting Actually a Bad Thing? David E. Persee, MD
ATC Conditions: Re-Directing 9-1-1 Transports in the Bayou City David E. Persee, MD
Dead Ringers: Impact of an On-Scene DNR and Termination Policy Marc Eckstein, MD
The Nose Knows: Cost-Effectiveness of Transnasal Therapies Raymond Fowler, MD
Patient Parking John V. Gallagher, MD
Does One Intubation Attemp Deserve Another? John Griswell, MD
Eatin' Too Much Smoke: The Potential Utility of the Masimo RAD-57 CO-oximeter in Protecting the Protectors S. Marshall Isaacs, MD
Have MRSA on Me: The Growing Challenge of Restraint Bugs in Public Safety S. Marshall Isaacs, MD
Rio Grande Resuscitation: Navigating the Lucas Device James R. Loflin, MD
9-1-1 Alternatives Joe Holley, MD
Better Medics in Shorter Time: A Specially-Tailored Field Training Officer Program Joe Holley, MD
The Big Chill in the Big Apple: Why FDNY is Not Getting the Cold Shoulder John Freese, MD
Drug Facilitated Intubation in Portland (AKA RSI) Jon Jui, MD
When EMS Confronts Complex Medical Devices Kathleen Schrank, MD
EMS Monitoring Devices: Tips and Pitfalls Kathleen Schrank, MD
Intranasal Versed Usage in an Urban Fire Based EMS System: Paramedic Perception of Utility David P. Keseg, MD
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!!  . . .No Wonder? Donald Locasto, MD
HBOCs: The Polyheme Study - Did It Work? Donald Locasto, MD
EMS Resuscitations Centers: Bring In Your Dead? C. Crawford Mechem, MD
Five Bullets for the Heart: Ensuring Systems of Care for STEMI Peter Moyer, MD
(Basically) Getting Nosey About Narcotic Overdose: Use of Naloxone by BLS Providers Peter Moyer, MD
Is Less Better? Advanced Airways in Low Paramedic-Population Ratio Systems Peter Moyer, MD
The Paramedic Paradox: Is Less Really More? J. Brent Myers, MD
Evidence-Based performance Measures: Beyond Defibrillation and Speed J. Brent Myers, MD
New Therapeutic Hypothermia Techniques Joseph Ornato, MD
The Art of Medic-ing Jullete M. Saussy, MD
EMS 2008 - Where We Are Heading Corey M. Slovis, MD
Magnesium, Calcium, and Bicarbonate Corey M. Slovis, MD
Skills Training and Maintenance with Advanced Patient Simulators Terence Valenzuela, MD,  Michael Hudson, MD
CMS Compliance Paula Willoughby DeJesus, DO
Chicago Fire Department - START-A-HEART Paula Willoughby DeJesus, DO
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