Gathering of Eagles Slide Presentations 2007 (PDF)


Taking the 101 in San Diego: Start CPR at 10:1 and Don't Stop! Jim Dunford, MD
Right in the PALM of Your Hand: Tap Chart for EMS Records Jim Dunford, MD
Raising the Standards: EMS Educator Certification Services Paula Willoughby DeJesus, DO
The Eagles Coalition Raymond Fowler, MD
Pain Medications: Morphine or Fentanyl or ???  Eagles 2007 Donald J. Gordon, MD
One Good Attempt Doesn't Deserve Another: What Happens When You Limit ET Tube Placement to One Try? John K. Griswell, MD
Does the Use of EZIO Result in Better Outcomes for Patients in Cardiac Arrest? Jon Jui, MD
Immunity Care for Community Care - Pneumovax & Other Recommendations for Protecting EMS Personnel James Loflin, MD
One Center's Medicine is Another Center's Poison Services - Non-Transport Support Through Poison Centers James Loflin, MD
Street-Side Drug Cocktails: Fentanyl-Laced Heroin C. Crawford Mechem, MD

The London Overground - Bypassing Local Hospitals
Management of AMI: Establishing a Primary PCI Service

Fionna Moore, MD
Management of STEMI in Era of Reperfusion Peter Moyer, MD
Keeping a Cool Head After Resuscitation J. Brent Myers, MD
& Paul R. Hinchey, MD
Forward to the Past: Revisiting the Concept of Nurse Screening at Dispatch David Persse, MD
Round-the-Clock Wellness - Looking Out for Our Own Edward M. Racht, MD
The How Behind the What Edward M. Racht, MD
Stroke Center Designation: The Role of EMS Neal Richmond, MD
Prehospital Noninvasive Ventilation Kathleen Schrank, MD
EMS / ED Interface: The Need for Hospital "Inservices" Kathleen Schrank, MD
Focused Quality in EMS - The Five Required Actions Corey Slovis, MD
Radiological Threat Review John C. White, CNMT
Definition of Intubation Attempt: For One of Our Students The Eagles Coalition