Eagles Conference Surveys 2019



Ask the Eagles


Demographic Information


1. The Quintessential Experience!


2. The “A” in the ABCs: Clearing the Air on Some Adjunct and Device Issues


3. A Shot of Adrenaline: More Commentary on Epinephrine Administration in Resuscitation


4. Re-Triaging Triage: 2019 Reasons for Why We Are Modifying Triage Techniques


5. Marching to a Distant Drummer in Austere Environments: The Challenges, Nuances ---- and Similarities -- of EMS Response


6. Agendas, Rules and Regulations: Putting Them to Our Use


7. How Well Can We Do It? Force Protection and Other Wellness Issues for EMS Personnel;


8. Different Strokes for Different Folks: 2019 On-Going Issues in Stroke Care


9. Traumatic and Hypotensive Events: Advances and New Challenges


10. Annual Reports from the Nest:


11. Gone (Badly) Without a Trace: Remembering the Key Role of ECG Tracings in EMS


12. Stemming the Tide in STEMI Care: Improving Diagnostic Delineation


13. A Bundle of Joy: Improving Cardiac Arrest Survival Through Special Combinations of Care


14. Pitchfork Pitches: Improving Systems of Mental Health Care Through EMS


15. Two’s Company, 400,000’s A Crowd: The Past Year’s Experiences with Crowd Medicine


16. Netting the Setting of Interneting: Other Ways We Can Use Telemedicine in EMS


17. Trading-Out Traditional Traditions: The Role of Technology, Thinking Outside the Box – and Documenting It


18. The 2019 Great Debate in EMS