EMS State of the Science 2018: A Gathering of Eagles XX

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Friday, March 2 (In Order of Appearance)

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Friday Morning

The 5 Most Important EMS Articles
of This Past Year
Corey M Slovis, MD

Tag - You're Not It!
Sophia Dyer, MD

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
Kenneth A. Scheppke, MD

Swiss Cheese Preperation for
French Table-Tops:
Planning for Multiple Sites and
Multiple Phases
Lionel Lamhaut, MD

Lessons We Didn't Expect to Learn
Ed Racht, MD

What Will Keep Me Up At Night:
Evolving Terrorist Threats and
Implications for Prehospital Providers
Pierre Carli, MD

A Post-Disaster Resilience Checklist
Stefan Polocez, MD

Mass Casualty Incident Hospital Notification
Glenn Asaeda, MD

Protective, Selective and Corrective Tactics:
Medical Preperations for Designated
National Special Security Events
Asa M. Margolis, MD

Combative Behaviors:
Translocating Military Medicine
Research Into Civilian Lifesaving
John B. Holcomb, MD

Friday Afternoon

Brent Meyers, MD

EMS Agenda 2050
Jon R. Krohmer, MD

HHS emPower
Andrew Garrett, MD

The PSA Re: TXA:
Is There Value-Added Benefit of
Tranexamic Acid For EMS?
Drew Harrell, MD

Rethinking Post-Traumatic
Circulatory Arrest In Austin!
Mark E. Escott, MD
Oh - What a Relief It Is:
Using Ketamine for Pain Control
Stein Bronsky, MD
Kenneth A Scheppke, MD

Benzos for Frenzos...
Or On-Scene Ketamine
Dan O`Donnell, MD

There's that Other Peace
Beside the Police
Kevin McVaney, MD

Tracking the Track Marks
Integrating Police and EMS Efforts
for Opiate Surveillance
Dan O`Donnell, MD

Better Mind Your Ps and Qs
Cardiac Effects of Drugs of Abuse
Christopher Colwell, MD

Carfentanyl: Boggy Man or Not?
Sophia Dyer, MD

Do I Drive Better On My
Rocky Mountain High?
Stein Bronsky, MD

Breaking Bad Outcomes:
Decision Rules and Risk Stratification
of Naloxone Resuscitation
Brian Clemency, DO

How RU with an ARU?
1-Year Update on the Philidelphia Mayor's
Opioid Crisis Task Force
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

SoCal Solutions for the Inebriate:
Wheeling Up a Sobering Unit in Los Angeles
Marc Eckstein, MD

Law Enforcement Navigation of
Behavioral Health Patients
David Miramontes, MD

Sobering Results from the Tenderloin:
The Northern California Experience
with Sobering Centers
Clement Yeh, MD

New Kinds of Scripts for Movie-Land:
Advanced providers for Alternate,
Cost-Effective Solutions
Marc Eckstein, MD

Memphis Fire Department
RADAR: Rapid Assessment Decision
And Redirection
Joe Holley, MD

A Social Medium for the Needy:
Providing Intensive Case Management
in the City by the Bay
Clement Yeh, MD

Why EMS, Criminal Justice, HUD & Hospitals
Need to Co-mingle Data
Jose G Cabanas, MD

ELVO Is In The House:
Moving To A Statewide Stroke System
In Louisiana
Jeffrey Elder, MD

Numbering Our Blessings:
Data-Driven Improvements
In Stroke Care (Florida Registry)
Peter Antevy, MD

From Scrimmage to Image:
Should EMS Triage (stroke) Patients
Directly to the CT Scanner?
Drew Harrell, MD

911 Dispatch Stroke Assessment -
Protocol to Decrease Time to Treatment
at Stroke Centers
David Miramontes, MD
CJ Winkler, MD


Saturday, March 3 (In Order of Appearance)

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 ~ Some presenters have opted to not post their slides here ~

The Ranges of Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!
How Often Do Eagles Medical Directors
Modify Protocols?
Jeffrey M Goodloe, MD

Survival in Out of Hospital Cardiac
Arrest whose Initital Rhythm was
Pulseless Electrical Activity
Jon Jui, MD

Shelter from the (Electrical) Storm:
Treatment Strategies forPersistent VF
Marc Conterato, MD

Earning Extracorporeal Credit:
Development Of An ECLS Pathway
In The Behive State
Scott Youngquist, MD

The Lab Results Have Come Back!
Survival after ECMO is Used to Transition to PCI?
R.J. Frascone, MD

EPCR "Paris Experience"
How to Visit Paris with the SAMU...
Lionel Lamhaut, MD

WhirlyBird CPR: Should Helicopters
Be Used for Cardiac Arrest?
R.J. Frascone, MD

Determining Terminating Determinants:
What’s a Reasonable Duration for
Cardiac Arrest Efforts?
Scott T. Youngquist, MD
End-Tidal Caveats: Confounding Effects of Drug Administration on ETCO2
Raymond L. Fowler, MD

STEMI (or Not) – Here I Come!
Mandating ROSC to Cath in the Bayou City
David E. Persse, MD

Advanced Financial Life Support Training:
The Economics of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Michael K. Levy, MD

Registry-ing the Buckeyes:
Instituting a Statewide C.A.R.E.S. Program
David P. Keseg, MD

Who C.A.R.E.S? 8,000 Patients
in the Windy City Do!
Joseph M. Weber, MD

Door-to-Door CPR:
A FEMA-Driven Community Safety Grant
Robert B. Dunne, MD

DeMSing EMS:
Why I’d Get Rid of Morphine Sulfate
Christopher B. Colwell, MD

Changing the Fine Art of STEMI Management
Jeffrey M Goodloe, MD

Ratting on De-Satting:
Deoxygenating During Intubation -
More Common Than Thought
Michael K. Levy, MD

Clinical Decision-Making for Rapid
Sequence Induction Intubation
Marc R. Conterato, MD

Airing-Out Errant Airway Errors:
Quality Improvement Strategies for
High Performance Airway Care
Michael R. Sayre, MD

Doubling Down on Nitro is Not a Bad Bet:
The Safety of High-Dose Nitroglycerin
W. Scott Gilmore, MD

Turbo-Charged Treatment:
Push Doses of IV Nitroglycerin
Marc R. Conterato, MD

Adrenaline Surge:
Push Doses of Epinephrine –
When Do They Work?
Jonathan Jui, MD

Confounding the Confounders:
Does Epinephrine Ever Work?
John M. Gallagher, MD

Deftly Defending the Definitive:
Taking Another Good Look at Pedi Intubation
R.J. Frascone, MD

A Handy-Way to Play Today:
Implementation of a System-1
Thinking for Pediatric Dosing
David A. Miramontes, MD

Visualizing Better Ways to Secure Airways:
I-Gel Placement and Video-Laryngoscopy
Jonathan Jui, MD

Saturday Afternoon

Re-Processing the Process:
A More Efficient Credentialing Process
Jose G. Cabanas, MD

Taking the Enjoyment Out of Deployment: Employee Health Issues During Major Disasters Emily G. Kidd, MD

Search and Rescuing
User-Friendly USAR Utilities:
What You Need to Know Before You Go!
Joe E. Holley, MD

Super STARS in the Gateway City:
Providing Special Needs for Special Needs
W. Scott Gilmore MD

Transitioning to Transitional Care:
A CHF Pilot Flies Well and an EMS Pilot
Lands a Suboxone Success
Jose G. Cabanas, MD
Kenneth A. Scheppke, MD

Hexed Texts - and Discarding the Carding:
Alerting 9-1-1 Through Your I-Phone
Glenn H. Asaeda, MD

Computerized Dispatch vs. Cardex Systems
Glenn H. Asaeda, MD

Adjusting the Target with Great Dispatch:
A Revised Ambulance Response
Program for England
Fionna P. Moore, MD

When Small Ones Are Under Arrest:
Re-Visiting Pre-Arrival Instructions
for Pediatric CPR
Peter M. Antevy, MD

Nixing the Nickel & Dime ("5 - 10") Paradigm:
A Reality Check on Scene & Transport Times
Jeffrey M Goodloe, MD

EMS Response without an Ark:
The Nuances of Widespread
Hurricane Flooding Dramas
David E. Persse, MD

Going In-Seine with the Bane of Frozen Rain: Dealing with Major Flooding and a Snowstorm Scenario in the French Capital
Pierre A. Carli, MD

A Flight of Ideas:
Some Nuances of Air
Transport During Disasters
Kenneth A. Scheppke, MD

The Big Blows of 2017:
Coordinating Hurricane Care
Across South Florida and Texas
James J. Augustine, MD

When Transport for Possible
Life-Threatening Care is Being Refused:
Should EMS Providers Respect Patient Autonomy? (or Do What They Think is Right?)
Ray (“Sugar Ray”) Fowler, MD -- the CON

Follow What the Patient Wants vs. Neal (the “Spiel”) Richmond, MD, the PRO (& ex-Con)


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