The Gathering of Eagles XVIII Presentations

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Friday, February 19, 2016

DIfferent Strokes For
Different Folks
Peter Antevy, MD

Emergency Department Overcrowding:
Diversion Inversion
Glenn Asaeda, MD

Tales From Bales Of Eagles E-Mails 2016
James Augustine, MD

What Happens When
Your City Goes Broke?
Robert Dunne, MD

Intubation: Can We Keep It
And Keep It Safe?
Sophia Dyer, MD

Dispatching Specialized Nursing Staff in L.A.:
The LAFD Nurse Practioner Response Unit
Marc Eckstein, MD

A Faster Ignition For Arrest Recognition:
Making Dispatch Modifications
To Save More Lives
Marc Eckstein, MD

CPR Instruction (Audio, mp4)

Perfect Call (Audio, mp4)

The Emerging Role of ITP
Modulation In Resuscitation
R.J. Frascone, MD

Preventing Medication Errors In EMS
John Gallagher, MD

Brain Docs Making "House Calls"
W. Scott Gilmore, MD

Post FDA Experience With ACD-ITD CPR
Jeffery Goodloe, MD
Joe Holley, MD

Benefits Of The "Flow Sheet"
In EMS Care?
Drew Harrell, MD

Impact of Various Airways on
Carotid Bloodflow In A Cadaveric
Cardiac Arrest Model
Joe Holley, MD

What Are The Outcomes For
Comprehensive Stroke Care Triaging?
Christopher Hunter, MD

Continuous Chest Compressions
Interrupted Chest Compressions
Marshal Isaacs, MD

Improving Triage for Comprehensive vs.
Primary Stroke Centers
Jason McMullan, MD

911 Dispatch-Initiated Stroke Assessment
Decreasing Time To Treatment at Stroke Centers
David Miramontes, MD

Community Treatment Team / LAS
Falls Car
Fionna Moore, MD

Reducing Job Cycle Time
Fionna Moore, MD

HFD Ethan Project
David Persse, MD

Delivering Acute Stroke Therapy On The Pre-Hospital Environment In Houston, TX, USA
David Persse, MD

Two Easy Pieces
Neal Richmond, MD

Managing Cardiac Arrest In Pregnancy
Kathleen Schrank, MD

SGAs In Cardiac Arrest:Are We
Missing Obstructed Airways?
Kathleen Schrank, MD

5 Most Important EMS Articles
Eagles 2016
Corey Slovis, MD

Valsalva Demo
(Movie, mp4)

Grady EMS Mobile Integrated Healthcare
Arthur Yancy, MD

Fiber-Optic Illusions: Can Video
Laryngoscopy Offset Interruptions
In Compressions?
Scott Youngquist, MD


Saturday, February 20, 2016

NYC - FDNY Disaster Du Jour
Glenn Asead, MD

Airport EMS Operations
James Augustine, MD

Going Straight To The Cath Lab
With Refractory VF/VT
Marc Conterato, MD

Reported Violence & Abuse
Against EMS Providers
Marc Conterato, MD

Enhanced Preperation for
Chemical Disasters N'Awlins Style
Jefferey Elder, MD

EMS At The Apocalypse
Craig Ellis, MD

EMS Board Certification
Ray Fowler, MD

Board Certification
Terence Valenzuela, MD

Simulation As An Acceptable
Surrogate For Credentialing
Scott Gilmore, MD

Challenging The Perennial Obsession
With Response Time Intervals
Jefferey Goodloe, MD

Fire B-12 And LE Naloxone Experiences
In The Land Of Enchantment
Drew Harrell, MD

Navigating An Approval For Removal
Paul Hinchey, MD

Results Of Dual-Sequential
Defibrillation Cases
Jon Jui, MD

Field Amputations &
Response Paradigms
Craig Manifold, MD

One Year's Experience With
Law Enforcement Naloxone
Crawfor Mechem, MD

Philadelphia Pope Visit Preps
Crawford Mechem, MD

NAEMSP 2016 Review
Brent Myers, MD

Ed Racht, MD

Law Empowering EMS In
Behavioral Emergencies
Jay Reich, MD

Top 10 Safety Concerns Of
EMS Crews And Agencies
Jay Reich. MD

Tailoring Sports Equipment Removal
Ron Roth, MD

Improving Patient Care Through
Evidence-Based Performance Measures
Peter Taillac, MD

What Do I Do With This
Hemostatic Gauze?
Peter Taillac, MD

Freestanding EDs:
What Do They Mean To EMS?
Peter Taillac, MD

Chicago Fentanyl-Laced
Heroin Epidemic 2015
Joseph Weber, MD


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