The Gathering of Eagles XVII Presentations

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Friday February 20

Taking Stock of Shock:
Using a Compensatory Reserve Index in Trauma
Craig Manifold, DO

Acuteness Astuteness:
Another look at our dispatch metrics! 
Paul R. Hinchey MD

Criteria Based Dispatch:
How one System Changed
Michael Levy, MD
Location, Location, Location!
When Dispatch Knows
Where the AEDs Are
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

When Blue Bloods Treat Blue Blood:
Experience with Police
Administering Naloxone
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

Glucagon in EMS:
Should It Be Gluca-gone?
Peter Taillac, MD

Throw Away the Radio
Terrence Valenzuela, MD

A Local Twist
Public Access to Hemorrhage Control
Peter Antevy MD

Prehospital Infusion of Plasma
Christopher Colwell, MD

The Five Most Important Publications of the Past Year
Corey Slovis, MD

Eagles Bullet Rounds #1

Civilian EMS Use of the
Tempus Pro
Donald Locasto, MD
Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation
Analytic Discoveries
Jeffrey Goodloe, MD

Pumping It Up in Memphis:
Tennessee Two-Step
Joe Holley, MD

EMS Providers End-Of-Life Care
Survey Results
Arthur Yancey, MD

Termination of Resuscitation Efforts
for Children
Peter Taillac, MD

It's a No Brainer
R.J. Frascone, MD

Ultrasound in Pre-Hospital
Caridac Resuscitation
Drew Harrell, MD

Resuscitation Duration
J. Brent Myers, MD

A 600 Second Update
Andrew Garrett, MD

Do We Really Need to Use
Supplemental O2?
W. Scott Gilmore, MD

Eagles Bullet Rounds, #2

TEE-ing Off the Cardiac Arrest Sand Trap: Shadow-Boxing  for CPR Vectors, Missed VF & Pseudo PEA
Scott Youngquist, MD

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Saturday, February 21

Criminal Mass Casualty Incidents
Who Are "the Cavalry"
William Fabbri, MD

PSOs as SOPs!
Getting Patient Safety Organization
Buy-In for EMS CQI
Jay Reich, MD

Better Breathing Thru QA
Neal Richmond, MD

Medics Should Routinely Use Body Armor
Ray Fowler, MD

Body Armor for EMS?
Terrence Valenzuela, MD

Bullet Round #3

2014 Ebola Virus Disease in Dallas:
The Dallas Fire-Rescue Experience
Marshal Isaacs, MD

Integrating the HAZMAT Response
Christopher Hunter, MD

Re-Tooling Decontamination
For Emerging Epidemics
Jon Jui, MD

NAEMSP Conference Update
J, Brent Myers, MD

Toxic Wastelands: Salt Ponds,
Gravel Pits and Molly-Realms
Treating the Mondern-Day
Drugs of Abuse
Marc Conterato, MD

Collateral Advantages:
The Secondary Gain from
Clinical Trial Implementation
Marc Eckstein, MD

Keeping It On the Level with
Level 1 (& 2) Trauma Transports

Dissociative Associations:
>1800 Uses of Ketamine
(and counting)
in the Land O`Lakes
Marc Conterato, MD


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