The Gathering of Eagles XV Presentations

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Friday, February 28

A System to De-Systemize System
2 Solecisms and Slips
Peter Antevy, MD

What’s the Alternative?:
Comparative Experiences with
9-1-1 Center Nursing Triage
Jeff Beeson, MD

Hospice Revocation Prevention
Jeff Beeson, MD

Indoctrinating the Docs: Training All First Year Medical Students to be NREMTs
Thomas Blackwell, MD

A Bad Moon Rising: Dangerous Dispatch Deletion Decisions
Jeffrey Clawson, MD
Child-Like Behaviors: 10 Myths of EMS Pediatric Care
Christopher Colwell, MD

Boston Strong Works! In It for the Long Run – Part II
Sophia K. Dyer, MD

Home Remedies: Recidivism and the Affordable Healthcare Act
Marc Eckstein, MD

From Sandy Hook, CT to Hartford, CT: Getting Active about Active Shooters
William Fabbri, MD

A Veteran Approach to Veteran Awareness: De-Escalating Potential Violence among Those Who Served
John Gallegher, MD

10 “Tentative Take-Homes” from 10 Tense Days of Tenacious Tornadoes …That Took Tens of Homes -- All in a Ten-Minute Talk
Jeffrey Goodloe, MD

Are More Paramedics Elemental or Detrimental? Lessons Learned from an ALS Expansion Program
Andrew Harrell, MD

Pragmatic Practices or Precarious Prescription? The Impact of Oregon Healthcare Reform on EMS
Jonathan Jui, MD

A Half a Million Reasons to Celebrate That It’s July 5th: Handling the Ohio Capital’s Independence Day Fireworks Event
David Keseg, MD

Three Days Later: Explosive Sequelae in West, Texas
Emily Kidd, MD

Tactical Moves: How Philly Firefighters Are Now Preparing for Fire Fights
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

Responding to Psych Facilities to Avoid ED Transport
Brent Myers, MD

Priority Parity or Dispatch Mismatch Data Driven Policies for Critical 9-1-1 Emergencies
Neal Richmond, MD

Trash Talk! Five Papers You Can Take Out of the Recycle Bin …. and Toss into the Garbage
Kathleen Schrank, MD

The Pentagon Papers: The Five Most Important Publications of the Past Year
Corey Slovis, MD

From Leviticus to the ACS: Revised Guidelines for External Hemorrhage Control
Taillac, MD

Care Ease Through the Nares Nasal Fentanyl for Kids
Peter Taillac, MD

Raising Questions about a Pain-Full Subject: Survey Results Regarding Palliative Care Processes
Arthur Yancey, MD

Crash Course in Runway Disaster Management: What We Learned from the Downed Asiana Flight Incident
Clement Yeh, MD

Is This a Crazy idea? Triaging Patients Directly to a Psych Facility
Scott Youngquist, MD


Saturday, March 1

Top Ten EAGLES Blogs to Call your AtTention to: A Special 10 minute Convocation Report
James Augustine, MD

No Interruptions Please ! The CPR Pit Crew Approach -- on Steroids !
Braithewaite, MD

The Scale of Things to Come: Which is Better—AVPU or GCS?
Sabina Braithewaite, MD

Epidemic Proportions: Dosing Ketamine in the Era of Mamba Dramas
Christopher Colwell, MD

The Great Debate The Long and Short of It Being: To Spine Board or Not
Why We Should Follow the New Spinal Immobilization Guidelines
Ray Fowler, MD
The Great Debate The Long and Short of It Being: To Spine Board or Not
Keep the Backboard
Terry Valenzuela, MD

New Skills From Drills: Using Intraosseous Systems for Hemodynamic Monitoring
RJ Frascone, MD

It May Send Shivers Up Your Spine: Taking Aim at Removing the Backboard Altogether
W. Scott Gilmore, MD

Drugs Falling into the Wrong Hands - or Not ? Naloxone Use by Non-EMS Personnel
Jefrey Goodloe, MD

A Change in Scene-ery: Re-Thinking On-Site Management of Cardiac Arrest
Paul Hinchey, MD

Mechanical Behaviors: The Latest Word on the LUCAS Device
Joe Holley, MD

Sobering Centers, Serial Inebriate Programs and Substance Abuse Issues in Emergency Medical Services: Sober Reflections From an EMS Medical Director 

The presentation is not available on-line, but Dr. Isaacs is available for questions via e-mail.
Marshal Isaacs, MD

The Latest in In-Home Movies: Videotaping the CPR Effort
Michael Levy, MD

Gas-Guided Goals: New End-Tidalments for Trauma Resuscitation
Jason McMullan, MD

Tracheal Deviants: The Effect of Airway on Cardiac Arrest Outcomes
Jason McMullan, MD

Double-Duty Dopers: Managing Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Abuse
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

Intelligent Conveyance By Her Majesty’s Not So Secret Service: How the LAS Spreads Demand Across EDs
Fionna Moore, MD

Term Limits: New Data May Modify the Timing of When We Terminate CPR
J. Brent Meyers, MD

Myocardial Infractions: Don’t Mistake the Big One!
Kathleen Schrank, MD

The Windy City CARES About OOHCA: Are Outcomes Affected?
Joseph Weber, MD


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