The Gathering of Eagles XV Presentations

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Friday, February 22

Taking the Pressure Off: Hypotensive Resuscitation in Traumatic Injuries
Jeff Beeson, DO

EMS in the Cross-Hairs: The Colorado Shootings
Christopher Colwell, MD

Oh, What a relief it is! Revisiting Pain Medication use in EMS
Christopher Colwell, MD

In it for the LONG RUN: Boston Marathon and EMS
Sophia Dyer, MD

From Super Sunday to Fat Tuesday: Preparing for the NFL Big Event and Mardi Gras
Elder, MD

Until Death Do Us Part: Stemming STEMI - Mortality and Morbidity
Ray Fowler, MD

Getting A Fresh S.T.A.R.T.
Freese, MD

Prehospital Pediatric Intubation Revisited
Gausche-Hill, MD

The EMS Praxis for Anaphylaxis
Jeffrey Goodloe, MD

We Don’t Know How It Works, But It Works! TRANscending a new EXAMination & Understanding of an old ACID: The Role of Tranexamic Acid in EMS
Jeffrey Goodloe, MD

“A Bloody Good Idea” - A Novel Protocol for Out-of-Hospital Transfusions
Drew Harrell, MD

CPR Under the Old Oak Tree: Where Do You Resuscitate YOUR Cardiac Arrest?
Paul Hinchey, MD
Stemi System Tweaks
Joe Holley, MD

Ziprasidone (Geodon) in EMS
Jonathan Jui, MD

Nosocomial Injection: Intranasal Midazolam for Pediatric Seizures
David Keseg, MD

Vitamin K or KO ? Part 1- Outcomes of EMS Ketamine Use
David Keseg, MD

Unusual Support and Reassurance (USAR) Services: recent evolution of the Task Force mission
Jason McMullan, MD

EMS Going for Gold! Safe Delivery of the London 2012 Olympic Games
Fionna Moore, MD

Is there Life After Death? Using Lungs from Non-Heart-Beating Donors for Transplant
J. Brent Myers, MD

Most Important EMS Articles 2013
Corey Slovis, MD

Video Laryngoscopy in the Field
Terry Valenzuela, MD


Saturday, February 23

Know the Predication on No Medication: Managing Drug Shortages in EMS
James Augustine, MD

Time is Not of the Essence: Re-Evaluating the Traditional Response Interval
Tom Blackwell, MD

Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice
Jeff Beeson, Ed Racht,
Brent Myers, Eric Beck

Back the MACC: Medication Administration Cross Check
Sabina Braithewaite, MD

The Minnesota Community Paramedic Initiative
Marc Conterato, MD

There’s a Future in it: How will EMS and Healthcare Reform Co-exist?
Marc Eckstein, MD

AED Case Report
John Gallegher, MD

New Drills on Skills: Credentialling Processes for Paramedics
Paul Hinchey, MD

Splitting the Difference: When You Have to Switch from an All-ALS System
Paul Hinchey, MD

Taking a Turn For The First: Taking Aim at Diversion Practices
Marshal Issacs, MD

Special Delivery: The Pros and Cons of Police Transport
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

I'll Drive To That! Reducing the Burden of Intoxicated Persons on NHS EMS
Fiona Moore, MD

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation: Update
Mary Newman, MS

Go with the Flow – The Sweet Spot, “Snappy” Concepts &  Stutter CPR
Paul Pepe, MD

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Update
David Persse, MD

I Got Your Back! Keeping EMS Personnel Safe from Strain Injuries
Ed Racht, MD

A new paradigm for EMS: From prehospital to out-of-hospital CARE
Neal Richmond, MD

Pitfalls in Basic Assessments
Kathleen Schrank, MD
The Challenge Of Frequent Users To Atlanta EMS
Arthur Yancy, MD


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