The Gathering of Eagles XIV Presentations
Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Michael Wainscott
Beloved Patient Advocate, Emergency Medicine Educator,
EMS Medical Director and Friend


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Friday, February 24

The Pentagon Papers: The Five Most Important Publications of the Past Year
Corey M. Slovis, MD

Time’s Muscle! The EMS Pit Crew Approach to Myocardial Infarction! George A. Ralls, MD

Basic Training: BLS Use of the 12-lead Electrocardiograph
Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD

Off the Cuff Remarks: Remote Cardiac Preconditioning to Prevent Reperfusion Injury
Terence D. Valenzuela, MD

Epileptic Fix: Hot-Off-the-Press Results from the RAMPART Trial
Jason T. McMullan, MD

CIRCular Arguments: Was It Win, Lose or Draw in the CIRC Auto-Pulse Trial? David E. Persse, MD

A Very Cool Way to Save Lives: Intra-Arrest Therapeutic Hypothermia
John P. Freese, MD

The Obverse of the Inverse: The Windy City Experience with a Laryngeal Viewing Device
Eric H. Beck, DO

Gadget, Gizmo or Therapeutic Intervention: Navigating the Value of Novel Devices
Marc R. Conterato, MD

Withdrawing Support: A Prehospital Protocol for Alcohol Withdrawal
Christopher B. Colwell, MD

Skeletal Remains: Confronting EMS Budget Cuts in Health Care Reform
Marc Eckstein, MD

New “Twists” on Tourniquet Application: Top Ten Tips to Avoid Trouble in the Civilian Setting
Peter P. Taillac, MD

How Will We Manage Without You? When You Lose First Responders to Big Fires & Other Disasters
Paul R. Hinchey, MD

A Sanguine Approach: The Use of Blood Products and Substitutes in the Field
Christopher B. Colwell, MD

Gravitational Palindromes: RacecaR G-Forces
Michael L. Olinger, MD

De-Congesting the ER: In-Home Management of CHF
Jeffrey K. Beeson, DO

How to Re-Position the Disposition: Sparing The ER with Alternative Transport Destinations
J. Brent Myers, MD

Getting on The Weight List: Transport Decisions for Bariatric Patients
David P. Keseg, MD
No Fault Insurance: Preventing Prehospital Medical Errors
John V. Gallagher, MD


Saturday, February 25

Fowler & Valenzuela Star, Spar & Scar above Par, No Holds Barred!! 7:59 of One, Half a Dozen of Another:
Debating NFPA 1710
Ray Fowler, MD
Terence D. Valenzuela, MD
Facts and Fancy About Response Times
Ray Fowler MD

Meds and Feds: Austere Medicine Challenges
Kathryn H. Brinsfield, MD

DC’ing the DC DEA Problem: Tracking Controlled Medications in the Nation’s Capital
David A. Miramontes, MD

Who’s Blocking the Re-Stocking? Dealing With Medication
Shortages in EMS
James J. Augustine, MD

Gestational Crises: Cardiovascular Emergencies in Pregnancy
Kathleen S. Schrank, MD

A Cerebrovascular Accident Waiting to Happen: When There’s Multiple Certifying Agencies for Stroke Centers
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

Data Mining: Hitting the Motherload with Competing Hospitals
Jeffrey K. Beeson, DO

A Tennessee Bundle of Joy: Comprehensive Patient Care Packages in Memphis
Joe E. Holley, MD
Run Control with Control and Run: Statistical Process Analysis to Evaluate EMS System Workload
Donald A. Locasto, MD

We Have an App for That! Smart Phones for On-Line
Administrative Orders
Terence D. Valenzuela, MD

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over: 2012 Ways to End Resuscitative Efforts
Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD

Bring IN Your Dead: Other Considerations Beyond On-Scene Termination!
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

A Royal Undertaking: The Influence of Her Majesty’s Coroner on UK EMS
Fionna P. Moore, MD

Taking the Fall: Can We Treat and Release Those in Assisted Living Facilities ?
J. Brent Myers, MD

Don’t Mimic Me! Dealing With Cardiology Over-Read Issues
Paul R. Hinchey, MD

Out of the (Feedback) Loop ! What the Big Apple Has Learned About Quality CPR Data
John P. Freese, MD

Be the Source and Change the Course: Using EMS Data to Improve Public Safety
John P. Freese, MD

Explosive Results: Learning from the London Bombing Inquests
Fionna P. Moore, MD

Not So Economical! Preparing for the APEC Summit
Elizabeth A. Char, MD

We’re Just Getting Started: Using a Post-Resuscitation Efforts Dashboard
Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD
Meds and Feds: Tactical Medicine Training in the FBI
William P. Fabbri, MD

Not on the Schedule

I Got You Babe (Valentine Movie)
Ray Fowler MD, and Paul Pepe, MD

IV Epinephrine
Corey M. Slovis, MD


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