The Gathering of Eagles XIII Presentations

Friday, February 25

Social Services Referral Program
David P. Keseg, MD

Update on EMS C-Spine Management
David E. Persse, MD

Fundamental Benefits of Research
Paul E. Pepe, MD

Five Key EMS Articles
Corey Slovis, MD

Cautions about ETCO2
Analysis in Trauma
Jason T McMullan, MD

ETCO2 Analysis as the
Airway Gold Standard
Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD

Delayed Off-Loading of Stable Non-Emergent Patients
Joe E. Holley, MD

Saving Lives with Continuous Chest Compressions
Joseph A. Salomone, MD

Guidelines 2010: Adapting Them for Your EMS Agency
Kathleen S. Schrank, MD

Show Me the Money! An Economic Analysis of Alternative Service Delivery Systems – Terence D. Valenzuela, MD

Low Visibility Prehospital Care
in Unique Environments
Scott E. Young, MD
History and Mystery of the “Cobb Line”: The Medic One Experience with Continuous Compressions
Michael K. Copass, MD

Get SMART: Results of a VF Waveform Analysis Trial – John P. Freese, MD

Inflammatory Remarks: Using ETCO2 Analysis in Sepsis Syndromes – George A. Ralls, MD

Adrenaline Rush! Early IO Administration of Epinephrine – Craig A. Manifold, DO

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Saturday, February 26

The Nose Knows: Intra-nasal
Medication Options are Growing!
Christpher B. Colwell, MD

Beyond Agitated Delirium: Dealing with the Issue of In-Custody Deaths
Christopher B. Colwell, MD

The Effect of Prehospital Continuous Positive Airway Pressure on Intubations
Sophia Dyer, MD

The Impact of CPAP on Physiologic Improvement
Edward M. Racht, MD

Managing Exceptional Demand
Fionna P. Moore, MD

Why Paramedics SHOULD USE
ETI during Arrest
Raymond L. Fowler, MD
Corey M. Slovis, MD

“Rockin’ the Stockin’ OK(lahoma) Ways of Tracking Drug Utilization”
Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD

Street ‘Em or Meet ‘Em?
What’s the Right Air Transport LZ for a STEMI Patient?
Jason McMullan, MD

Pressure to Succeed:
Does Prehospital CPAP Avoid Drug Facilitated Intubation
Jonathan Jui, MD

My Patient Has No Pulse! And He’s Talking to Me!
EMS Evaluation of Patients with VADs
David P. Keseg, MD

As Serious as a Heart Attack:
Navigating the Hurdles in Creating  STEMI System
Marc Eckstein, MD

Be Careful What You Wish For: FLSA and Philadelphia Fire EMS
C. Crawford Mechem, MD

Indianapolis EMS - A New Model for Pre-Hospital Care in Indianapolis
Michael L. Olinger, MD

PIO Lessons Learned
Robert M. Davis

Going into Labor: Medical Directors and the Work Force
Integration of Labor-Management Processes and Medical Direction:
The Kansas City Experience
Joseph A. Salomone, MD

“Doc in Dispatch”
A Mother-of-Invention Program
Karen P. Wanger, MD

Getting the Fat In: Acute Lipid Infusions for Cardiopulmonary Arrest
Marc R. Conterato, MD

Please Don’t Interrupt Me!
The Impact of Lay Rescuer
Compressions-Only CPR
John V. Gallagher, MD

Shadow-Boxing in the Box: Persnickety Perspectives on Ultrasound in Prehospital Care – Terence D. Valenzuela, MD

Re-Tooling the EMD Toolkit: Evolving Diagnostic Processes for Dispatchers – Jeffrey J. Clawson, MD

Freese Says EMT-B’s can Ease the Wheeze: Using Basic Providers to Treat Asthma Patients – John P. Freese, MD


Additional Content (not presented at the conference)

Integrating Evidence-Based Pediatric Prehospital Protocols Into Practice
Manish Shah, MD



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