Gathering of Eagles XII

Friday Morning, February 26, 2010


*Former Surgeon General’s Warning: Do not set the following times in stone (or any other material). The Eagles notoriously do not run on time and are often ahead of schedule despite valiant past efforts by some errant faculty members to run over or add in rim-shot jokes (a.k.a. “groaners”). Also, if you are elderly (definition = anyone 15 years older than yourself), have uncontrolled high blood pressure, or are subject to vertigo, dizziness, heart disease or are prone to take yourself too seriously or if you are offended easily (or if you easily offend others), you may not want to attend this conclave.



7:00-7:30 am  Registration, Continental Repast and VIP Reception


7:30-7:40 am THE 2010 CONFERENCE BEGINS - Welcome and General Announcements


7:40-8:00 am  Course Overview and Philosophy
Raymond L. Fowler, MD (The First Eagle)
Paul E. Pepe, MD, MPH (Course Coordinator)



The Opening Bell Five-Oh Experience (Book ‘em, Cor-Oh) !
The Quintessential Educator Comes Down from his Pentad Penthouse, Pleads the Fifth, But Still Gets Us Back-to-Back “Five to Life” Sentences for a Pentatonic Quintet of Five-Finger Discourses on a Quintuplet of Scientific Pentagrams!


8:00-8:10 am  The Pentagon Papers: The Five Most Important Publications of the Past Year
Corey M. Slovis, MD (Nashville)



Two-Thousand & Ten Tales of Catastrophic Proportions:
A Mini-Symposium about Disastrous Problems to Solve


8:15–8:30 am A Complex Disaster of Seismic Proportions: One Eagle’s Experience with the Haiti Earthquake Catastrophe !

John K. Griswell, MD (Ft. Worth)


8:40-8:50 am Curtailing Caribbean Catastrophes: How Cuba is Preparing for Prime Time

Jullette M. Saussy, MD (New Orleans)


8:55-9:05 am The Pearls After Swine ! EMS and the H1N1 Virus Epidemic

Marc Eckstein, MD (Los Angeles)


9:10-9:20 am Casablanca Coordinates: Organization and Current Policy Considerations of the National Security Staff Resilience Directorate

David Marcozzi, MD, MHS-CL (White House)


9:25-9:35 am Should I Stay or Should I Go ? IND Incident Strategies for Medical 1st Responders

Alexander G. Garza, MD, MPH (Homeland Security)


9:40-9:50 am The 4-1-1 on CBRNE, NIMS and EMAC Managing the Disaster Acronyms !

Thomas H. Blackwell, MD (Charlotte)



9:50—10:00 am PLEASE, GIVE US A BREAK !! (15 minutes) 



10:05-10:25 am The Eagles Wing It: Lightning Rounds # 1 with above speakers and several others…
U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS & Federal Agency Medical Directors



Two-Thousand & Ten Ways to Get Traumatized:A Mini-Symposium about EMS and Trauma Care


10:25-10:35 am C-Collar or De-Collar: Are Cervical Immobilization Devices Harmful?

David E. Persse, MD (Houston)

10:40-10:50 am Getting a Head in Cycle Somatic Injuries:OK Ways to Remove a Helmet
Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD (Oklahoma City and Tulsa)


10:55-11:05 am We Have an App for That !Tourniquets for Massive Hemorrhage

Kathleen S. Schrank, MD (Miami)


11:10-11:20 am Putting the Squeeze on Dialysis Patients:Tourniquets for AV Fistula Bleeds

J. Brent Myers, MD, MPH (Raleigh)


11:25-11:35 am Stewarting the Specialty from the City of Angels to the Eagles Nest:    A Perspective on How it All Got StartedA Special Guest Presenter!


11:35-11:50 am Making a Federal Case of It: Recognizing the Great Grandfather of EMS

Raymond L. Fowler, MD (the First Eagle)

11:50 am -Noon Presentation of the Annual Paul E. Pepe Excellence in EMS Award                                                            Eagles en Masse (Le PhotoOp)



Noon to 1:10 pm LUNCH WITH THE BUNCH: Participants Break Bread with Eagles



Friday Afternoon, February 26, 2009


Two-Thousand & Ten Ways to Plan for Silver and Gold:
A Discourse on the Challenges of EMS Careers and Aging


1:10-1:15 pm The Fowler Principle: A Guide to Initiating Relationships in Your Golden Years
Neal J. Richmond, MD, (Louisville)


Two-Thousand & Ten Ways to Deal with Cardiac Emergencies:

A Mini-Symposium about Evolving EMS Issues in STEMI and Cardiac Arrest


1:15-1:25 pm As Serious as a Heart Attack: Navigating the Hurdles in Effecting STEMI System Care

David P. Keseg, MD (Columbus)


1:30-1:40pm It’s Just a Matter of Time: Justifying Prehospital Thrombolysis

David E. Persse, MD (Houston)


1:45-1:55 pm Spitting Image of a Heart Attack: EMS Point of Care Saliva Testing for Cardiac Injury Markers

Craig A. Manifold, DO (San Antonio)


2:00-2:10pm Did You Just Say You’re a “Regional, Level I, Cardiac Arrest Center”? The Move Toward Establishing Regional Resuscitation Centers
C. Crawford Mechem, MD (Philadelphia)


2:15-2:25 pm The ABC’s of Medical First Attack: Increasing Survival thru a Focused Cardiac Arrest Protocol 
Thomas H. Blackwell, MD (Charlotte)


2:30-2:40 pm The Latest Wake Effect: What to Do When Ventricular Fibrillation is Persistent

J. Brent Myers, MD, MPH (Raleigh)


2:45-2:55 pm How Sweet It Is ! Managing Blood Glucose in Resuscitation

John P. Freese, MD (New York)


3:00-3:10pm Regional Block: Local Perspectives on State-wide Arrest Registries

Terence D. Valenzuela, MD, MPH (Tucson)



3:10 -3:25pm BREAK ON THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE!! (15 minutes)   



3:25-3:50 pm The Eagles Wing It: Lightning Rounds # 2
U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS & Federal Agency Medical Directors and Friends



2010 Evidence-Based Considerations: Driving Optimal EMS Care with Data


3:50-4:00 pm Measuring the Excitement ! Developing Metrics for Agitated Delirium

James V. Dunford, MD (San Diego)


4:05-4:15 pm The Need for Speed? An Evidenced-Based Look at Response Time Standard
Neal J. Richmond, MD, (Louisville)


A Couple of Presidential Addresses: The President of ACEP and THE President’s Physician


 4:20-4:30pm DC Current: Updating EMS on the Potential Impact of Healthcare Reform

Angela F. Gardner, MD (ACEP National President)


4:35-4:45 pm The 2010 Modus for POTUS: Expediting Excellent Executive Medicine:

Jeffrey C. Kuhlman, MD, MPH (The President’s Physician)



2010 Educational and Quality Considerations: Research, Education and Quality Assurance in EMS


4:50-5:00 pm Rapid Sequence Permutations ! Analyzing the Comparisons in the AARTI Study

R.J. Frascone, MD (St. Paul)


5:05-5:15 pm Virtually Skilled in the Art of EMS: Training through Simulation and Cadavers

Joe E. Holley, MD (Memphis)


5:15-5:40 pm The Eagles Wing It: Lightning Rounds # 3 and TGIF WRAP-UP
U .S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS & Federal Agency Medical Directors and Friends



5:45 pm             OVERNITE RECESS



5:45 - 6:00 pm **The Eagles Gather at the Designated Location**



Saturday Morning, February 27, 2009


7:00-7:45 am  Registration and Continental Repast


7:45 am Day 2 Begins !!!


7:45-8:00 am MEETING Announcements, Special Welcomes and Housekeeping Items



Two-Thousand and Ten Special Services for EMS: Evolving Considerations in Medical Security Situations


 8:00-8:10 am Olympic-Sized Efforts: 2010 Paramedic Job Actions at the Winter Games

Karen P. Wanger, MD (Vancouver)


8:15-8:25 am Medically Intensifying the G-Forces: Expanding the EMS Scope of Federal Law Enforcement

Nelson Tang, MD (U.S. Secret Service)


8:30-8:40 am Exigent Circumstances: What is the Appropriate Standard of Care in Tactical Ops ?

William P. Fabbri, MD (FBI)


Two-Thousand and Ten Transport Issues: Evolving Considerations in EMS Transport Procedures


8:45-8:55p The (Very Sick) English Patient: Demand Management of the Critically Ill and Injured

Fionna P. Moore, MD (London, UK)


9:00-9:10 am Don’t Get Taken for Ride! Risk Management in Non-Transport Decisions

S. Marshal Isaacs, MD (Dallas)


9:15-9:25 am …And Mandatory Transport for All: Debating Who Should Be Transported or Not
Marc Eckstein, MD, MPH (Los Angeles)


9:30-9:40 am A Heavy Subject for EMS: Evolving Considerations in Bariatric Transport

Marc R. Conterato, MD (Minneapolis)



9:45-10:00 am TAKE A BREAK !! (15 minutes)



Dealing with the Deliriously-Agitated: New Considerations in Managing Excited Delirium Cases


10:00-10:10 am Restraining Orders: Managing Excited Delirium, CEDs and Related "Fall-out",

Kathy S. Schrank, MD (Miami)


10:15-10:25 am Pharmaceutical Restraints: A New Medication Approach to the Agitated Patient

Christopher B. Colwell, MD (Denver)


Two-Thousand & Ten Therapeutic Considerations: A Mini-Symposium about Novel EMS Medications


10:30-10:40 am Dissociative Practices: The Rationale for Ketamine in 9-1-1 Services

Marc R. Conterato, MD (Minneapolis)


10:45-10:55 am Snuffing Out the Overdose: Results of the Boston Nasal Naloxone Study

K. Sophia Dyer, MD (Boston)


11:00-11:10 am Bone Voyage’: Administering ALS Drugs via the Intra-Osseous Route
Jonathan Jui, MD, MPH (Portland)


11:15-11:25 am Mitigating Medication Mishaps: Dealing with EMS Drug Safety

John V. Gallagher, MD (Phoenix)


11:25-11:50 am The Eagles Wing It: Lightning Rounds #4

U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS & Federal Agency Medical Directors, Colleagues and Friends
(including Special Introductions)


11:50am -12:00 pm  Presentation of the Annual Michael K. Copass Eagles Award
and the Annual Corey M. Slovis Education Award

Presented by A Gathering of Eagles




12:00-1:10 pm LUNCH WITH THE BUNCH:

Breaking Bread with the Eagles



Saturday Afternoon, February 27, 2009


1:10-1:30 pm Rate the Great Debate: Fowler and Slovis Take the Gloves Off
Raymond L. Fowler, MD (Dallas)
Corey M. Slovis, MD (Nashville)


And Now Back to Our Previously Scheduled Programming:


Two-Thousand & Ten Ways to Triage: A Mini-Symposium about Regionalization and Therapy Bundles


1:30-1:40 pm Different Strokes for Different Folks: Dispatch Recognition of Cerebral Vascular Accidents

Jeffrey J. Clawson, MD (Salt Lake City)


1:45-1:55 pm A Suitable Experience: A Court Case of Stroke Triage

John V. Gallagher, MD (Phoenix)


2:00-2:10 pm The Philosophy of Five: Five Core Benchmarks for EMS Systems

Paul R. Hinchey, MD, MBA (Austin)


2:15-2:25 pm More Medical Management Metrics to Measure: Proposing Additional Benchmarks for EMS Systems

J. Brent Myers, MD (Raleigh)


2:30-2:40 pm A Really Cool Idea: Improving In-Hospital Care Through EMS 
Jullette M. Saussy, MD, (New Orleans)


2:45-2:55 pm Cooling Down Before It Heats Up: Rationale for Pre-Resuscitation Hypothermia               
John P. Freese, MD (New York)


3:00-3:10 pm It Sends Chills Down My Spine ! Therapeutic Hypothermia in Possible Spinal Cord Injury   
George A. Ralls, MD (Orlando)



3:10-3:25 pm TAKE A BREAK !! (15 minutes)



3:25-3:45 pm The Eagles Wing It: Lightning Rounds # 5
U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS & Federal Agency Medical Directors and Friends



Two-Thousand & Ten Ways to Protect the Protectors: A Mini-Symposium about Safety for EMS Providers


3:50-4:00 pm Getting the Bugs Out of the System: Infection Control Concepts for EMS

George A. Ralls, MD (Orlando)


4:05-4:15 pm Straightening Out a Bloody Mess: A Blood-borne Pathogens Protocol

Donald A. Locasto, MD (Cincinnati)

4:20-4:30 pm Giving It a Shot !Vaccinations Provided by EMS Personnel

K. Sophia Dyer, MD (Boston)


4:35-4:45 pm Regulatory Irregularities: The EMS & the DEA

Raymond L. Fowler, MD (the First Eagle)

Jeffrey K. Beeson, DO (Ft. Worth)

5:10-6:00pm The Last Stand – Wrap up with the Eagles          

U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS & Federal Agency Medical Directors and Friends


6:00pm ADJOURNMENT for 2010    



SEE YOU AT EAGLES XIII -- February 2011 !