Gathering of Eagles Slide Presentations 2009 (PDFs)


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Friday Morning, February 20, 2009

Dr. Corey Slovis - The Most Important Articles for EMS Physicians and Paramedics

Dr. J. Brent Meyers - The Comback Kids: Paisley Ties, Robert Plant, and Bicarbonate -All Making a Comeback!

Dr. Joseph Salomone - Is Pressure Drop Coming Down On You?

Dr. Marc Conterato - Hurtin' For Certain: Pain Management in EMS

Dr. Craig A. Manifold - Sound Check, Sound Check: Echoing the Uses of Ultrasound in the Prehospital Setting

Dr. Marc Conterato - When Airway was King: An LT Placement Exam in the City of Lakes

Dr. Terence D. Valenzuala - When There's Pressure to Adopt: Gizmos, Gadgets or Effective Therapeutic Offspring

Dr. R.J. Frascone - Political Savvy in the Twin Cities: Medically Managing the Republican National Convention

Dr. Christopher Colwell - Mile-High Political Capital: Medically Managing the Democratic National Convention

Dr. James J. Augustine - Preparing Medically for Mall Madness: Having an Inaugaral Ball in the District

Dr. Peter H. Moyer - From Back Bay to the Big Dig: Looking Back at a Cradle of Liberty Career in EMS

Dr. Ray Fowler - Silver Anniversary of a Vision: Conceiving and Birthing a New Subspecialty


Friday Afternoon, February 20, 2009

Dr. Fionna Moore - Thames Two-Step: London's New Initiative to Avoid Hospital Transport

Dr. James Dunford - A New Rap for the Public Health System: How EMS Information Systems Can Address High-End Users

Dr. J. Brent Meyers - The Latest Wake Effect: Advanced Paramedic Well-Person Checks in Wake County

Dr. Marshal Isaacs - Should I Stay or Should I Go: The Lowdown on No Load

Dr. Neal Richmond - The Urge To Surge: Origins, Current Status and Poential EMS Solutions

Dr. Donald Locasto - Who Are You To Ask? Can EMS Verify Hospital Capabilities?

Dr. John Griswell - We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident: The Concept of Paramedic Credentialing

Dr. Elizabeth A. (Libby) Char - Better Than Malasadas? The Honolulu Junior Paramedic Program

Dr. David P. Keseg - Lights! Camera! EMS! Promoting Prehospital Care

Dr. Kathleen Schrank - Child Welfare: When EMS Confronts Complex Pediatric Problems

Dr. Fionna Moore - One Size Fits One: Value of Tailoring Personalized Care to Certain Individuals


Saturday Morning, February 21, 2009

Dr. Marc Eckstein - Friday Night Heavies! How the LA Metrolink Crash Changed the Rules

Dr. John Jui - A Yuletide Nor'Wester: How the 2008 Storm Impacted EMS

Dr. Jullette M. Saucy - Tango & Cash: Handling Triage, Transport & the 1st Responder Cache During Gustav

Dr, George Ralls - Top-Shelf Best Buy: Just In Time Technology for Disaster Response Medicine

Dr. Jon Krohmer - Central Intelligence: The Role of EMS In Fusion Centers & Public Health Threats

Dr. Eric Ossmann - Adding Insult and Injury: New Trauma Triage Guidelines From The CDC

Dr, William Fabbri - For The Life Of All Flesh Is The Blood Thereof: 2009 Concerns About Hemorrhage Control

Dr. Karl Sporer - Getting Off The Charts Performance! How Electronic Patient Care Records Can Improve Quality

Dr. Joe Holley - When Quality Has To Absolutely, Positively Be There: The FedEx Approach to Quality Improvement

Dr. John Gallagher - Oh, Sorry, My Mistake! EMS Medical Error, Cases and Prevention

Dr. Joseph Ornato - Safety Glasses: A New Way of Seeing Fewer Errors (slides not available)

Dr. C. Crawford Mechem - He Said, She Said; How to Handle EMS Complaints

Dr. Christopher Colwell - Say What? Scary EMS Communications!


Saturday Afternoon, February 21, 2009

Dr. John Jui - Bugs In The Bus: New Infectious Disease Threats for EMS

Dr. Terence Valenzuela - Worse Than A Case Of Measles? Increasing Risk of Morbillivirus for EMS Personnel

Dr. Karen Wanger - Technically Speaking: The Concept of Paramedic Safety and Technical Advisors

Dr, James Augustine - An All-Hazards Approach! Hazards Safety Operations to Protect the Protectors

Dr. Corey Slovis - No One's Jammin Their Transmission! Fowler and Slovis Take the GLoves off and Debate Sending in 12-Leads

Dr. Robert O`Connor - As Serious As A Heart Attack! Mission LifeLine and It's Mission Across the Nation (slides unavailable)

Dr. Jeff Clawson - Seize The Data: Epilepsy History and Cardiac Arrest (slides unavailable)

Dr, Joseph Ornato - A Cold-Hearted Approach To Resusciatation: Advanced Hypothermia Techniques During CPR (slides unavailable)

Dr. John Freese - Gaining Ground In Gotham: The Milti-Faceted Approach to Raising the Dead in New York

Dr. Eric Ossman - Cash Flow Impacts Blood Flow: How Budget Cuts Can Decrease Cardiac Survival Rates (slide unavailable)

Dr. Jeffrey Goodloe - The Importance of Tidal Waves: Continuous Capnography and Patient Safety

Dr. John Freese - Making Waves Continuously in the Big Apple: Preliminary Data From NYC


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